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Online-Only Special Offers

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  • GeneArt™ Gene Set-up Service Genes <3 kb (Service fee)
  • GeneArt Clone pMX, custom DNA of interest in pMX vector
  • GeneArt™ Gene Set-up Service Minimum Order (Service fee)
  • GeneArt™ Gene Set-up Service 3 to 9 kb Genes (Service fee)
  • GeneArt™ Gene Optimization/Design Genes <3 kb (Service fee)
  • GeneArt™ Gene Optimization/Design 3 to 9 kb Genes (Service fee)
  • GeneArt™ Synthetic Gene (Complexity Service fee)
  • GeneArt Prime Clone, Express Service (service fee)
  • GeneArt™ Synthetic Gene, 3 kb, Online Order Rate
  • GeneArt Value Clone, gene synthesis service, up to 2 kb
  • GeneArt Prime Clone, Gene synthesis service, up to 3 kb
  • GeneArt Value Clone, gene synthesis service, 2 to 5 kb
  • GeneArt Prime Clone, gene synthesis service, 3 to 5 kb
  • GeneArt™ Synthetic Gene, 3 to 5 kb, Online Order Rate
  • GeneArt™ Synthetic Gene, 5 to 7 kb, Online Order Rate
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